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Ready to see how you can follow successful military-to-civilian career paths? Scroll below to view just a few success stories from those who have successfully transitioned into the Trucking industry.  Click on the story title or "Read More" to access more details on their career trajectory and how they've made a place for themselves in this industry.  

US Air Force/Air National Guard; Lieutenant Colonel; Aircraft Maintenance Officer

Brian Cooper - Operations Manager at Iron Mountain offers advice on transitioning to a civilian career:

"Be a positive emissary for the Military…don’t be the stereotypical rigid, over-formal, intense Veteran; absorb your new culture and prove that Veteran skillsets/experience are invaluable."

"There is no more ‘wearing your resume’ on your uniform…there’s no rank, badges or medals in the civilian sector, so you have to continually build and refine your personal brand."


Tiffany Hanna: Driver Trainer and Entrepreneur

Tiffany Hanna, professional driver and trainer at Prime, Inc. is now an owner-operator thanks to the Women In Trucking Association (WIT) and Arrow Truck Sales. Hanna was selected from the applicants who submitted an essay on the importance of attracting more women into the trucking industry.

Hanna is a U.S. Navy Veteran, and the mother of 5 children. She resides in St. Peters, Missouri. She has been at Prime, Inc. since 2014 and a trainer for the past four years.


If you want to find a powerhouse of a woman, look no further than Silvia Chavez. Silvia is an Army National Guard veteran, having served six years as a medic. When her husband on active-duty had to relocate for work, the two picked up and moved from Fort Leonard Wood, MO to Fort Knox, KY.


Army Veteran and Intermodal driver Phillip has no regrets about his decision to move into a career in truck driving after 20 years of military service. “I like the fact that I’m my own boss. I make my own rules, no one bugging me all the time. I like the freedom,” he said. “The pay is good. It’s really good, especially when talking to other drivers. I feel bad for them.”