Read Success Stories in Trucking

Ready to see how you can follow successful military-to-civilian career paths? Scroll below to view two success stories from those who have successfully transitioned into the Trucking industry.  Click on the story title or "Read More" to access more details on their career trajectory and how they've made a place for themselves in this industry.  

Military Spouse; Military Mom

Jackie Melendrez couldn’t be prouder of her husband, her sons, and the fact she works for Iron Mountain. The Regional Router has been a Mountaineer since 2017 and says the support she receives as a military spouse and mother is unparalleled.


If you want to find a powerhouse of a woman, look no further than Silvia Chavez. Silvia is an Army National Guard veteran, having served six years as a medic. When her husband on active-duty had to relocate for work, the two picked up and moved from Fort Leonard Wood, MO to Fort Knox, KY.