What Is the Trucking INdustry?

Look around you and ask, "What didn't get here in some way by truck?" Chances are the chair, phone, laptop, clothing, glasses, carpet, cars, etc. that you see were brought to you by a truck. So what would happen if the industry stopped?

Without Trucking, daily life would take a radical turn for the worse. Within one day, food shortages would begin to develop and hospitals would run out of basic supplies. Within a month? We couldn't use automobiles to travel due to lack a fuel, food shortages would escalate, and the nation would exhaust its clean water supply.

Our way of life depends heavily on Trucking, and many military skills transfer into Trucking careers that assure the industry's continued growth and success.

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Skills Translation

As a service member, you have already worked for the largest and most complex supply-chain in the world: the United States military. With that work experience, you are hard-wired to succeed in the Trucking industry.

In addition to professional driving roles, many people enter trucking because of their logistics background after serving in the U.S. military. Logistics operations are extremely important in the Armed Forces, and getting positions in supply chain management is rarely a problem.  Click on "Leaders" below to learn more.

Featured Trucking Careers

Scroll below to learn more about just a few of the career paths the Trucking Industry provides to Veterans, members of the Guard and Reserve, transitioning service members and military families. Check out the information below to see the most popular job types in the industry and click on the job title for more details.

National data on career information, including salary ranges were compiled by payfactors.com.


Truck Driver (Tractor Trailer)

$41,056 - $55,337

Professional truck drivers drive different types of trucks and heavy vehicles to transport materials from. Other duties may include loading and unloading trucks, performing inspections and preventative maintenance and interacting with customers.


Environmental Engineering Technician

$39,093 - $50,981

Environmental Engineering Technicians are responsible for the performance of tasks associated with hazardous waste clean-up, site-remediation, equipment decontamination and handling of hazardous materials. These positions offer the opportunity to work as part of a team and grow and advance from an entry-level to management position.


Dispatcher I

$32,838 - $46,695

Schedules and dispatches workers, work crews, equipment, or service vehicles for conveyance of materials, freight, or passengers, or for normal installation, service, or emergency repairs rendered outside the place of business.

Determines types or amounts of equipment, vehicles, materials, or personnel required according to work orders or specifications.


Logistics Coordinator

$39,893 - 57,009

Logistics specialists coordinate daily logistics that streamline trucking companies. Their core duties include analyzing the performance, strategizing more effective company operations, maintaining documentation and reporting, and improve performance.


Transportation Manager

$76,758 - $114,734

Manages the organization's traffic and transportation functions. Job Duties: Ensures that all traffic/transportation activities are safe and compliance with local, state, and federal DOT regulations. Tracks changes to regulations and modifies organizational policies and procedures in response. Maintains accurate travel, inspection, and maintenance records.


Safety Manager

$88,903 - $112,276

Safety managers safeguard the areas of their responsibility from hazards for maximum safety and efficiency. To accomplish this task, their duties include conducting safety checks on work areas and equipment, ensure regulatory compliance standards, maintain records, and provide recommendations to create the safest workplace possible.



$44,760 - $60,186

Sources, recruits, screens, and interviews candidates to fill organizational roles. Job Duties: Consults with hiring managers to understand roles to be filled and profiles of ideal candidates. Reviews and assesses applicants education, experience, training, and other qualifications. Verifies employment eligibility, gathers necessary paperwork, and performs reference and background checks.


Mechanic - Heavy Equipment

$45,642 - $55,795

Professional mechanics inspect, maintain and repair commercial trucks for a living. They are responsible for the safety compliance and operability of their company’s truck fleets. Mechanics are in high demand, technical profession with career opportunities for technical and managerial advancement.


Account Executive I

$50,172 - $71,038

Account executives establish and maintain business relationships with major account customers. In addition to building business relationships, the corporate account executive provides shipping solutions to support customers.